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Vako Lake in Verbal Vomitus: Animal Instincts

A Parallel Planets piece by Erin Nøir - old account

Parallel Planets presents Vako Lake
in Verbal Vomitus: Animal Instincts

Included: Compulsive Effect, Deceased Feelings, Total Forgetfulness, and many more

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“Animal Instincts” is the first (and probably the last) literary work of me. I was 21 when I started to write these poems and wrote most of them during that time. Then, when I was finished I did not care about them at all, this was because of a spontaneous muse which disappeared. They were written during the transformation of my own vision and perception of life. Many things affected me while writing – modern lifestyle, trends and tendencies, clichés and stereotypes and so on – which I consider very common and natural nowadays. I simply don’t care about them at all and never pay attention (don’t even watch TV anymore which radiates a very negative aura). When I read these poems now, at the age of 24, I think that some of them are very naïve.

Some of the main themes of the poems are: melancholy, inner psychological tension, romance, nostalgia and even fantasy. Generally, in English-language poetry the rhyme is not so necessarily demanded, even in case of great poets – when you read their works, sometimes you don’t even feel the rhyme at all, it’s like reading the beautiful sketch stories, but in case of “Animal Instincts” the poems are really rhymed, lyrical and rhythmical, they flow like a song. That may be the influence of east European poetry. The book tries to explore some existential matters from the perspective of a person who just stepped in his 20s. When you read it you can feel that it’s written by a person just before losing sensitivity and romanticism and becoming more like realist. – Vako Lake on Animal Instincts

About the Author: Vako Lake was born on October 1, 1989 in a little town of Zestafoni, Georgia (then part of the USSR which was counting its last 2 years of existence). He went to school there, but his family moved in a capital city of Tbilisi when he was 15, so he continued to study there and enrolled at the International Black Sea University at the faculty of Business Management and Social Sciences, which he found uninteresting and changed his course for faculty of Humanities. It was during his senior year at university when he began to write poetry which later gave the way to collection “Animal Instincts.” At the same time he has written his first screenplay, graduated from university and hopes to pursue filmmaking which is highly interesting and inspirational for him.

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