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Nastya Kaletkina: In All Honesty

A Parallel Planets piece by Jofer Serapio
There's this old-world belief that photographs do not only capture the beauty of its human subjects, that includes tragedy made relatable and in a sense beautiful as well, but also their very soul. Most people take that idea in its most literal sense, as literal as a soul getting captured anyway. But has any thought been given to the veracity of that belief in the context of art?

If you're looking for proof, look no further than Nastya Kaletkina's photographs in black and white. Her camera nonchalantly captures the soul of her subjects, augmenting each work with depth that is both haunting and mesmerizing.

Born in Moscow, Russia, Nastya is a photographer who owes a lesson of genius or two from the Rodchenko School of Art and Multimedia. She enjoys shooting with old film cameras, old analog cameras, and prefers hand-printing. Anything digital in relation to her work, she strays away from.

There is definitely an old-world quality to Nastya's photography, which is a given, considering how much emphasis she gives on doing things old-school. Each photograph she produces has a story and an equivalent mystery. Sometimes dark, sometimes a memory from a life half-lived, everything Nastya presents is intriguing to the senses. The texture of each photograph serves to emphasize the emotions contained in each shot. An otherwise simple portrait is made much more complex, a feat easier said than done but a miracle when everything converges without a hitch. In Nastya's case, miracles seem routine.

Why black and white? Nastya believes the lack of distinguished colors enhances the artistic portrayal her images were set to make, drawing the focus of viewers to the purity of her chosen imagery. No distractions, no attempts to muddle sincere effort with any technological tampering, Nastya's black and white photographs are as honest as they come. Possibly even more.

For more of Nastya Kaletkina's haunting brilliance, check out her Flickr account. You may also contact her directly if you wish to purchase prints of her photographs.


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