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Chris Kovacs: A Walk Among Shadows

A Parallel Planets piece by Unknown
A moment's memories caught on frame, a result of the tug and shove of time and space. A seeming earthquake on the surface. Then a shudder. Then the subject's soul escapes. A shutter clicks, and another masterpiece by Chris Kovacs has been made.

Looking at the Canadian photographer's works is like setting foot into a parallel dimension, a world beyond this plane, where reality's shadows loom overhead, a completely separate entity. Time is distorted, and moments fall into an eternal loop that can be glimpsed all at once, past and future folding over each other. Thus in the space of one blink, multiple realities exist side by side and time is frozen in eternal motion. 

Fascinated with quantum mechanics and inspired by possibilities of a multiverse, Chris's works are a showcase in double exposure and time lapse. He captures an atmosphere and creates a mood that set his photos apart. His technique doesn't just make for a visual experience, but something deeper: something more evocative and moving. His images have the power to transport. They can place you right in that world of the eternal in-between and make you feel as if you stand in an alternate realm. Even the movement in the photos themselves are hypnotic.

Such powerful images have given him acclaim the world over, including being part of the 2011 portfolio issue of B&W magazine, wherein he garnered an excellence award. His photos are so unique and strong that it might be notable to mention that he's only been using an iPhone to capture them since 2013. Yet more proof that skill and vision have nothing to do with equipment.

Chris has also been expanding his reach beyond his personal photography and has established Adore Noir with his wife in 2011. Adore Noir is a fine art photography e-zine featuring photographers of all nationalities and all skill-levels who excel in black and white photography. Chris himself has only worked with black and whites, finding the juxtapositions of lines and shapes more powerful without the distraction of color.

These past few months of 2015 have already seen new works, and new worlds, created by Chris Kovacs, all of which are documented on his website, Chris Kovacs Photography. He can also be seen on Facebook, as well as a fairly new Instagram account. It really is an exciting prospect thinking about what new imagery he'll be creating next. For as long as there is time and space, Chris Kovacs will probably keep playing with their photographic possibilities.


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