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Silvia Grav: Anti-Gravity

A Parallel Planets piece by Mayee Gonzales
Her website was fifty-fifty rendered in a language foreign to me but the images were enough to show how creatively out of this world Silvia Grav’s work is.

Obscure structures, scratched textures, and free forms of smoke welcome you in this gallery of incredible images, dreamlike and dark at the same time. Mostly captured in black and white, Silvia’s images were born out of technique and the translation of reveries into reality.

A photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, Silvia has exhibited her works in the USA, Europe, and her hometown Spain. She has also been featured in publications from different parts of the world as she continues to work with other practices like collages and documentaries.

Silvia has formed a considerable following since her work isn’t hard to miss. Despite the attention, she doesn’t try to impress by creating visuals that are typical and pleasurable to the eyes.  Nudity, sadness, and deformed bodies are just some of her subjects while an obvious fascination for otherworldly matters and geometric figures can also be seen.

But it isn’t all about splendour as Silvia is also inspired by social and political issues like the Holocaust. As seen in her project entitled “About the Holocaust,” Silvia has interpreted the massive destruction through a set of images that represent fire, sorrow and death; a haunting and artistic narrative of a gory past.

A personal favourite from Silvia’s works is “I Can’t See Me” – a collection of eyeless portraits that’s evocative of ignorance or the desire to be blind of what is surrounding us. There is no explanation why Silvia creates images like these. Images you’d love to see in an exhibit but doubt of viewing at midnight when quarters are closed and environments are silent. Let’s not even begin to talk about “The End Again” which was made to think and disturb the basic human mind.

If you’re in for a feast of emotively beautiful images set in black and white then set your sight to Silvia’s work as it orbits into your brain and feeds your eyes.

See more of Silvia Grav's work at her website and Instagram.


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