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Mystery of Twins by Krolikowski Art

A Parallel Planets piece by Parallel Planets

One of greatest secrets of human's life -- twins. United genetically and spiritually, they have different soul and personality. One DNA, but two bodies. These photos - the story of two sisters - who are twins. Freed from the covers of clothing, they are free to do anything in the dark room.

The aim of this project is to research of borders proximity and intimacy of human souls, which is known as a special kind of relationship exists between identical twins - a kind of relationship which is set even before birth in a cosmic darkness of a mother's womb. Krolikowski Art recreated the conditions where the intimacy between twins originates. Time creates a distance between people; and even twins become different. But in the darkness of a studio, without clothes, the sisters free to do anything and mystical until their connection is set again.

About the Photographers: Krolikowski Art is Alexander Krolikowski and Alexandra Krolikowska. They conduct a study of syncretism in contemporary culture, which main focus concentrates on the gaming-ritual element and a holistic perception of the world, where the boundary between daily and sacred life doesn't exist.

Krolikowski Art uses a specific approach to art that blurs the boundaries between external and internal, between the conscious "I" and the collective unconscious, and reflects on the conception of sacred harmony in the surrounding space. The main medium for the group is experimental film photography, but also installations and performances. Krolikowski Art is a member of Ukrainian Photographic Alternative. They live and work in exile (before 2014 - Sevastopol, Ukraine).


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