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Reveries of Blue; Words Like Water

A Parallel Planets piece by Julia Escano

Parallel Planets presents
Reveries of Blue; Words Like Water
Story, Poetry, & Photos by Julia Escaño

* * *

All my life I've always been a creature of Nature. So much so that Nature has always been alive to me. And not just in the scientific sense, but in a deeper, spiritual sense as well. I've always believed that a Tree wakes when I touch its bark, and the Wind sings when it dances by, and the Moon can hear my thoughts while it watches over. I speak to the Sky and hear it answer back. I speak to the Sea and feel it touch me in response.

But all this time I've only ever told them small snippets, shared with them only a few thoughts. It wasn't until now, after a year of getting to know the Sea deeper, literally, that I'm truly overcome with emotions. It's only been two months since our last encounter, yet I dream of the next already. And thus it can't be helped that my longing manifests itself in an outpouring of thoughts, of musings about the Sea in a poem.

However, it is not a soliloquy but a dialogue. And in this instance, the Sea is channeled through another poem, which I scribbled a while back, and which now takes on a whole new meaning for me. In this dialogue is an ever-present cycle, a quandary, between me and the Sea, and our open-ended relationship.

So step into the waters and welcome to my reverie.

Reveries of Blue

I see the sky dance in your gaze
and I am enthralled
By the depth with which you stare
At me
Through me
And lure me in, step by step
So that I am helpless
in your embrace

I give myself to you
as you sweep me off my feet
So completely
I am yours
And you take me. No apologies

Your touch is soft
Against my skin
A warm caress, enfolding
You drape me in a shroud
So blue
It swallows clouds
and golden light
Until none is left, but you

And yet what life you hold beneath
What magic that you keep
Beyond the maelstrom
On your face
A secret world awakes
Breathing, its blue blood
Pumping , coursing
Through valleys and cities
that only your eyes can see
And your heart can hear

I reach out
Your cold hands slip through my fingers
I am caught
as you recede and surge
For while you keep me in
Keep me out
Spoil me and spare me
And I oscillate in the wind
With no choice but
Dance to your undulations

I am not of your world
Though I stay
I sit and watch
Your blue cradle turn to gold
to warm me
despite our distance

In another plane I belong
To you
Where you can keep me in your chest
Where I can live in your arms
Where I can breathe
You and be
But here and now
I can only wait
'til the next tides surge
And I am back in your embrace
With only memories
Of sunshine on your face

Words Like Water

It's a sensation
Like water trickling through
that my words seem to create
with you.
It's not quite stone
that lodges itself between
the crevasses of your
Instead it's a fluid form.

What can I do
with transience of this
When I ride a vessel
ever-caught in the waves
to distant shores.
No anchor keeping me
No compass keeping my bearings

But I can't seem to step out
of this cycle.
Where the Sea
becomes Air, and the Air
becomes Rain, and Rain
becomes Sea.
That cannot be contained
in your hands;
that has the touch of silk,
soft and whispering,
like a suggestion.
Not like wood.
Dense and solid.
A command.

How can I stay with you now?
When you have built
no dams for me,
no ducts for me.
I am the Ocean
just gushing out
into the Wind
Wanting nothing more
than to stay
by your shore.


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