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Andrej Russkovskij: Down My Spine

A Parallel Planets piece by Unknown

Parallel Planets presents Down My Spine
Film Photography by Andrej Russkovskij

* * *

"Might be because of the cold air that you breathe. Or maybe because you're utterly plunged into silence. Can be because of the rust on the banisters, the cracks on the dusty glass, the moss on the floor, the crumbling paint on the walls, or the mould on the furniture. Might be for the sense of danger of walking through decaying corridors or the shivers down your spine when you unlock a door and you take the first step into a new room. Perhaps it's a matter of daydreaming: you close your eyes and let your fantasy recreate how the hallway, the ballroom or the surgical theatre in front of you must have looked like in their golden years. Is it the unpredictability? The astonishment? Or maybe the terror of being all alone in an humongous place? What if it is merely the slightly wicked taste for decadence? The more I think about it and the less it's easy to define it. Probably it's a combination of all these reasons or probably it's just pure adrenaline. Yes, it must be the adrenaline because, I swear, every single emotion and all your senses amplify as soon as you ignore the prohibition signs and you find the way to break in.

And it feels so good." Andrej Russkovskij

About the Photographer: Italian-born veterinarian and published analogue photographer, Andrej Russkovskij is currently settled in the UK. Photography is the hideaway from his daily routine, the way he explores his creative side and fills his lungs. He finds inspiration in urban aesthetic, street art, flea markets, abandoned places, brutal architecture, and unconventional art.

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