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November Nocturne: Daughters of the Underworld in Sinister Silhouettes

A Parallel Planets piece by NONA LIMMEN

Parallel Planets presents November Nocturne
Sinister Silhouettes: Daughters of the Underworld
Photography by Nona Limmen

* * *

The Daughters' feet glide silently,
Over the waters of the sea.
And after thousands of years of eternal night,
They began to take a terrible flight.
The Daughters were once the mortals they stalk,
But the path of witchcraft they chose to walk,
They cursed their bodies, their souls and their minds,
Bound to the unknown for all time.

* * *

Editor's Note: Sinister Silhouettes is an analog+digital photography series exclusive for Parallel Planets by Nona Limmen. This feature is also a part of our "black" theme, November Nocturne. To share your work on Parallel Planets, click here to know what we're currently looking for.

Disclaimer: In lieu with Parallel Planets' general aesthetics, almost all images found on this website appear in black & white. Hover on them to view the original versions and click them to see in high resolutions. All media files solely belong to their respective artists, some of which are exclusive for Parallel Planets only. If you wish to use any of these, please contact the author or artist first. Thank you!
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