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Lest You Are Fooled: Rebecca Adams' Art

A Parallel Planets piece by Unknown
You search for “Rebecca Adams” and news on a disappearing family headline your browser. This is wrong, something’s missing. So you type “Mason” in the middle of the names only to unearth a surge of images; detailed, elegant, and brilliant in black and white. This is right, something you've been finding.

Currently based in Providence, Rhode Island, Rebecca Adams holds a degree in photography. From the art of capturing images, she then transitioned into painting after finishing her studies. Yet it wasn’t a lost cause because Rebecca made sure to apply her photography skills into her newfound field of art.

One might be fooled of Rebecca’s work. Mainly focusing in portraiture, her paintings resemble photographs captured gracefully in black and white; the strokes, fills, and details are like images captured in expensive negatives and dusty darkrooms. They are glorious and stings of a skill you cannot merely deny.

Although consistent when it comes to tone and the use of women as subject, there is still a subtle difference in Rebecca’s paintings. The mood of her work changes in every collection as they feature people in various situations; melancholic, in hiding, or even blank, Rebecca’s paintings vary in this kind of depth.

A favourite from Rebecca’s paintings is from this year’s “Cara.” Aside from the amusing play of grays, the technique used in this set should also be recognized. “Cara” consists of two paintings, both of a woman with hands clenching in her head, looking through her reflection on a glass table. The inversion of the images and the application done through acrylic and canvas simply amazes the naked eye. One can only imagine the style and patience Rebecca poured in this one.

Rebecca may be quite new in the field of painting but she’s definitely taking it by storm. Publications like Juxtapoz Magazine and galleries like the McGuffey Art Center have featured her work as she also took in art commissions – definitely an artist to watch not only in killer headlines but in galleries all over the universe, too.

See more of Rebecca Adams' work in her website and Facebook page.


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