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Careless Creatures: Hide and Seek

A Parallel Planets piece by Jash Manuel

Parallel Planets presents
Careless Creatures: Hide and Seek
Photography by Jash Manuel

* * *

As children we all had our fair share of games we played, from tag to hot potato, hop-scotch and marbles. Nothing felt quite like being a kid nearly as much as those games did, but how much fun were they compared to hide and seek? From the countdown to finding places to hide.

We left all those games behind as we passed into puberty and adulthood, hide and seek was just a memory of the past, or was it?

In a world that demands so much of us while caring so little we try to give ourselves and offer what we can, whilst hiding those parts of us that even we are afraid to see. But every so often we invite certain individuals to view what remainds hidden from the world.

This is an attempt to delve into just that.

This is hide-and-seek.

Careless Creatures is a digital photography series exclusive for Parallel Planets by Jash Manuel.

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