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Katja Kremenić: Somewhere Else

A Parallel Planets piece by Jofer Serapio
Travelling is a big responsibility. It's how we, mere mortals, chronicle the beauty of nature, of the world, how we further our participation in the unending cycle of life and death by legitimizing the immortality of an impression against the reality of the ephemeral. But not all of us can travel. Not all of us get to witness the world for what it is, what it can be, what it can't be. Those who can become the eyes and the heart of those who can't: Through them, the road untraveled becomes the road to travel, perhaps even the only road to travel.

Katja Kremenić chronicles not only the places she's been to but also the soul that makes such places viable for the would-be globe trekker. From the Croatian island of Cres to the picturesque city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, this initially digital turned analog (film) photographer has wanderlust flowing through her veins. She has now taken to Berlin, Germany, as her base of operations.

Browsing through Katja's collection of photographs is akin to moving from world to world, intimately soaking in the offered memories of someone else and taking to them as your own whether intentionally or not. Katja's strong imagery features prominent hints of reality. The stranger diving through mountains of maps in the cabin? She seems familiar, like a friend; you just can't remember her name at the moment. Close your eyes and you'll hear, feel, and even taste the waves, the entire ocean around you. Much of Katja's work celebrates texture alongside space, highlighting beauty through intrigue and immersing you in her many journeys under the sun and across seas.

Katja's attention to detail, much like her intuition, is superb. She rarely misses a beat. Like a predator whose instincts allow it to become an efficient hunter, Katja's instincts endow her with the ability to capture moments at the same time she's experiencing, exploring, them. There is no hesitation. There is only the vast wilderness of her exuberant creativity.

For someone who lives so close to the sea, who grew up an hour's drive from an island many have referred to as a paradise, and as such can easily take the beach and the surf for granted, I suddenly find myself yearning for sand under my feet and so much salt on my face, eternal summer.

To live through the many different worlds of Katja Kremenić, get your itinerary from her website. She's also on Flickr and Instagram as well as on Facebook and Tumblr. Reservations not guaranteed.


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