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Matt Fry: A Scratch on the Cheek

A Parallel Planets piece by Mayee Gonzales
Imperfections are always good; a scar on the leg, a sneer in a smile, a blemish on the finest silk. They show that mistakes are okay and that they are acceptable, even beautiful, over time. They symbolize risk and carelessness in a universe that aims for perfection, a universe that Matt Fry is no being of – for he’s the crack on the window, the prick on the shore.

Grain, blur, over-exposed portraits, and ill-composed photographs ... Matt Fry’s works are a jump out of the usual images you see in magazines. With a portfolio highly dominated by women, this California-based photographer primarily uses film for his projects assembled in more than seven years. From medium and square format to packs of instant film, Matt Fry’s gallery is an awesome transition of seduction to mystery.

Breasts, skin, and stunning facial features are no absence in Matt’s photographs. His vision and style when it comes to capturing women is a gentle manifestation of how he sees a lady whether content or melancholic, naked or clothed. His subject’s beauty, and the slender imperfections that come with it are all photographed in the most artistic way, striking and alluring at the same time. A scratch here, a freckle there; Matt’s visual presentation is a freckle we definitely desire.

Aside from portraits, Matt also has a knack for capturing details in the most creative way. His series entitled “Through the Looking Glass” features a lady before, during, and after bath. Certain elements in this collection did not need to be emphasized to be understood, all it required was a sense for story-telling within the objects involved. This series is just icing on the cake though, for Matt has experimented on various photography approaches evident in his even older collections. Definitely a feast.

More skin, more grain, and more bits of imperfection, Matt Fry’s work is a treat you can’t help but indulge. As what they say, life is too short to play it safe so we’d rather menace on the beautiful flaws captured through Matt’s eyes – risky, frisky, and beautiful every time.

See more of Matt Fry's work at his website and Facebook page.


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