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Carrie in Polar Projections: Carrie On

A Parallel Planets piece by theisolationcabin

Parallel Planets presents Carrie 
in Polar Projections: Carrie On
Film Review by KB Meniado

Mentioned: film remakes, well-done teenage angst, and supernaturals

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If you thought the classic Mean Girls was the first to preach about how nothing ever good comes out of bullying, why, you haven’t seen Carrie yet.

A teen horror story by Stephen King about a bullied high school girl with supernatural powers and a religious fanatic of a mom, you will witness in the film adaptations how true vengeance is served. It doesn't really matter which version, be that the daring 1976 original or the enjoyable 2013 re-imagining, because this coming-of-age tale is as good as it is on print and on the silver screen.

Made up of both exciting and anxiety-inducing scenes, here are 10 things you should look out for in the movies:

1. Nudity

1976 Carrie: Less than five minutes into the film, you will see a couple of nekkid girls prancing around the locker room as Carrie (played by Sissy Spacek) takes a pretty steamy shower. Excitement!

2013 Carrie: While Carrie (this time played by Chloe Grace Moretz) retains the sexy shower tiemz, there is less flesh. Is it because they had lingerie sponsorship or were they afraid of being accused of objectifying women? A little bit of anxiety!

2. Bullying

1976 Carrie: A group of snotty girls led by Chris Hargensen (played by Nancy Allen) in hipstery outfits plans an evil scheme against an outcast girl… can that get any more teenage? Excitement!

2013 Carrie: A poor imitation of Regina George in Portia Doubleday’s Chris, it does not have the right amount of “eviroble,” a made-up word from evil and adorable. Anxiety!

3. The Vandal

1976 Carrie: “Carrie White Eats Shit!” Anxiety!

2013 Carrie: “Carrie White Eats Shit!” Still anxiety!

4. The Gym Teacher

1976 Carrie: Ms. Collins (Betty Buckley), Carrie’s gym teacher, has such a great heart (and perm). Excitement!

2013 Carrie: The fantastic Judy Greer was underutilized. Anxiety!

5. Margaret White, the Crazy (over Jesus) Momma

1976 Carrie: There is a borderline between devotion and misplaced fanaticism and the Margaret White (Piper Laurie) in this version nails it. You wouldn't wish to be living under her roof! Excitement!

2013 Carrie: Juliane Moore is equally amazing, especially in the scene where she gives birth to Carrie by herself. Excitement + Anxiety!

6. The Prayer Cupboard

1976 Carrie: Whether you’re a devout Christian or not, you will definitely freak inside the prayer cupboard room where Carrie gets sent to when her momma gets angry with her. Anxiety!

2013 Carrie: It might be roomier but still creepy! Anxiety!

7. The Supernatural Power

1976 Carrie: While Carrie does research on her supernatural powers, she is not able to fully understand its depths. Anxiety!

2013 Carrie: Meanwhile, Carrie is very much aware of the strength of her power, using it against her own crazy momma! Double anxiety! (Because thou shall never hurt your parents.)

8. Tommy Ross

1976 Carrie: His hair will be enough to give you anxiety.

2013 Carrie: Ansel Elgort plays the role. The verdict is a given.

9. The Prom Dress

1976 Carrie: Like her mother, Carrie has flair in making dresses. She makes a low-cut pink one for the prom that she got invited to. Her mother detests it, saying how it shows her “dirty pillows.” Excitement for Carrie; anxiety for Margaret.

2013 Carrie: Some have argued that Chloe Grace Moretz is too pretty to play Carrie, but her pink dress to the prom did not give her justice (Tommy looked fine in his white tuxedo, though). Anxiety!

10. Carrie

1976 Carrie: It is like Carrie White was made for Sissy Spacek. Excitement!

2013 Carrie: Forget those know-it-alls – Chloe Grace Moretz was likewise perfect as Carrie White. Acted like a spot-on Cady Heron!

Bonus! While some critics are dead set on being faithful fans to the original Carrie, it is worth noting that the 2013 version provides a clearer narrative, just like in the book. Now, Carrie on!

Polar Projections is a monthly series where we dissect two films, one being the original and the other being a remake, and find out if nothing really beats the original.

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