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Scully and Las Rosas in Aural Audibles: Tour Split Cassette

A Parallel Planets piece by Tomi Uysingco

Parallel Planets presents Las Rosas & Scully
in Aural Audibles Series: Las Rosas/Scully Tour Split Cassette
Music Review by Tomi Uysingco

Mentioned: serrated psychedelia, slacker vibes, and being really bummed

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The awesome folks from New Jersey tape label That Summer Feeling has done something really dope by releasing this tour split cassette from slacker pop band Las Rosas and psychedelic punkers Scully. Just thinking of the show these 2 bands would unleash to the public makes me giddy as hell and really fucking sad at the same time because I won't be able to see them rip the stage up.

Why am I excited? Let's paint a picture.

Imagine me coming home from a really fun show that had almost zero attendance, properly lubricated with alcohol and post-drunk food, I opened my e-mail and found this rocking, albeit short, record just sitting there waiting for me. I immediately put it on, and it was as if that fun show I was just at played an overtime extension in my headphones. Four in the AM and I was so stoked, I listened to it over and over until the sun peeked through my windows, which then sent me crashing into a 15 hour coma afterwards. I woke up at 8PM, and lo, the record was still on loop. I promptly smoked a doob and grabbed dinner, then listened to the record again.

What's surprising is, after my marathon listening party for one, I am not tired of this one bit. Like, I'm listening to it again as I'm writing this, right now. It just looped back to the start and Scully's Deny started playing, a simple but punch-y punk song built for parking lot hangouts where a bunch of you smoke stolen boogies from that one friend's mom that doesn't care and just passes out in front of the TV with half a bottle of Jack spilling on the carpet.

And this sets everything up nicely. The girls of Scully – Caroline, Courtney, and Lauren – come off as an offshoot of their other band The Splinters. Their lineup is then rounded up with their bud Burgers of the band Numerators on drums. The serrated psyhedelic pop of Scully's music is so youthful. Heavy on the slacker vibes, second song Dana, is the perfect beach hit for people who are super bummed of the beach. It sounds like a song that is anti-Venice Beach, with all its black clothes and matching sneer. Then there's their song Mother's Sighing, taking things to intense heights with its heavy crashing, fuzzed out lows. It's a mammoth of a track that plays like a never ending comedown of the heavy drugs from the party the night before. You won't even notice that the song only clocks in at 2 minutes and a half. It's just a massive, massive song that is definitely going to wear out your tape deck from repeat listens. I know it would mine.

Then there's Las Rosas' side of the split. Opening with Oh Man, a catchy psychedelic downer of a tune with hints of the surf in their latter songs in this tape, this track is for when you've already toked up and actually don't mind being under the heat of the sun at the beach. If Scully was heroin, get stuck in your hotel room music, Las Rosas' side is the hint of happy sunshine to this whole affair.

Oh Man is quickly followed up by the song Black Cherry, showcasing more of that surf tone of the band. You could actually imagine yourself listening to this while actually surfing. Them singing “Don't know what I wanna do, but I wanted you” just sums up the layabout vibe of Las Rosa's music perfectly. Tape closer Suppose 2 B tones it down with a slow burn on its first half, but then picks up midway with some super stoned hip jangling that would leave you dancing like a fool. Perf ender for a really awesome tape tbh.

Both bands exude the looseness you should come to expect with bummer punks in bands. You would notice that I sorta abused the words “bummer” and “slacker” throughout this review. I have no other words for it, quite honestly. This is the soundtrack of youth and their summers spent falling in love and breaking up – on one side the bored as fuck teenagers in hell hole suburbia, the other a jam packed van of friends on a road trip and leaving said hell hole – it's all of that plus other side plots of debauched fun. You'd be telling these stories many summers to come and this split between Scully and Las Rosas will be the eternal soundtrack to it. Trust me, you would want that memory stashed in your head: a source of pain and joy of those days that you don't give a shit about growing up. Buy the tape at That Summer Fling, and like these treasured memories, it's limited to only a hundred copies. DON'T MISS OUT ON YOUTH, KIDS.

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