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We Love Hong Kong: Monochromatic Images by Hermes Pichon

A Parallel Planets piece by Mayee Gonzales

Parallel Planets presents We Love Hong Kong
Monochromatic Images by Hermes Pichon
Story by Mayee Gonzales

Mentioned: unrest, democratic elections, and disorder in black and white photos

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Massive pro-democracy protests have been running around Hong Kong for the past two weeks leaving chaos, unrest, and a vast slowdown on the city’s economy.

The protests are of huge surprise yet the reason behind it is quite easy to understand – students, activists, and residents of the city took the streets in a demand of democratic elections, one which is free of Chinese interference. A semi-autonomous region of China, Hong Kong has the freedom of speech, press, assembly and religion meaning that voters has the democracy to choose their chief executive, the top position held in Hong Kong – but situations got shaky and China thought otherwise of this democracy.

From this, small protests erupted into larger ones as the government of China did not want to take Hong Kong’s plead into consideration. On September 29, Occupy Central transpired in which protesters marched to Central, the city’s financial district where the government’s headquarters are located. The streets of the district were blocked by protesters and Hong Kong's police had to use force in able to stabilize the situation. This occurrence led to injuries and more distractions within the city.

This news alarmed the whole world as they hear about the disorder happening in the city. As the situation grows bigger, groups from various countries also begin to protest as support to Hong Kong. And who else is to set foot forward but this class of Hongkongeses students who are currently based in Melbourne, Australia. With a message clear in their heads, these students camped in protest as they fight for the democracy Hong Kong deserves.

This sight was captured by French photographer Hermes Pichon in a beautiful set of black and white photos entitled "We Love Hong Kong." Hermes trailed the streets of  Melbourne and captured images of various students, waving their placards high in support of their beloved district. 

A photographer who claims “I keep foremost in mind the idea of mood and feeling I want to convey in my photographs,” it is safe to say that Hermes’ We Love Hong Kong just did that. And Parallel Planets is happy to share this set of lovely monochromatic images that subtly reflects Hong Kong’s situation at present.

Thank you, Hermes, for this wonderful set of photographs. You can also see our previous feature on Hermes here.

More from Hermes Pichon: Website. Facebook. Twitter. 

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