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Daylight Dweller: Urban Exploration

A Parallel Planets piece by Banawe Corvera

Parallel Planets presents
Daylight Dweller: Urban Exploration
Photography by Banawe Corvera

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I've come to realize that living in a city is both comforting and foreign. There is quiet comfort in being “at home” and getting used to the hustle and bustle of the metropolis; in between the mad dash to and from a location within a concrete jungle - rushed hi's and hello's for formality included. But falling into the traps of complacency and familiarity may also lead to dissatisfaction - towards a routine, or your immediate surroundings.

This is why we make it a point to explore Cebu on foot, but rarely with a camera with us. On days that we brave the streets looking for scenes to photograph, we keep up with the crowd and learn to wait it out. Downtown, we have photographic memories of Sunday treasure hunts, market runs, aging landmarks, people making a living by the streets and generous patches of light.

For Urban Exploration, I wanted to share the experience with a willing subject who had no qualms of going guerrilla style. No definite spot, just a general sense of adventure and a shared trust. No specific rules, only that when the timing is right, we seize the moment.

This series is about going out of your comfort zone and collecting imprints of new experiences. It is about welcoming strangers into a shared personal space in a public setting; one that still proves to be quite challenging but liberating as well.

It is with constant exploration beyond boundaries that you continue to surprise yourself with new perspectives.

Daylight Dweller is a digital photography series exclusive for Parallel Planets by Banawe Corvera.

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