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Ben Wills: King of Details

A Parallel Planets piece by theisolationcabin
Attention to detail is what Ben Wills’ art is all about. And with his preference of sketching portraits and creatures, which are featured on his website, this comes in more than handy – it is perfect.

Take a look at this sketch of Heisenberg from the popular TV series, Breaking Bad: from his hair down to his stubble, everything is intricate. One can almost feel the lines along his face, the coarse texture of his hair. 

On his website, Ben writes, “I wanted to create a strong contrast between the positive and negative space, giving Walter’s (Walt) glasses an almost hypnotic effect.” And he succeeds. It’s a captivating piece of art.

Ben does this again with his portrait of The Dude from the film, ‘The Big Lebowski.’ It can be a challenge to look away after being so drawn to that the complicated wrinkles on his forehead. Similar to Heisenberg, this artwork follows symmetry and balance, holding the interest of the viewer.

Part of his portfolio is, as mentioned, sketches of creatures that include fish, reptiles and dragons. His “Fish Tales,” a drawing he says he made purely for recreational purposes, should be a great piece to start with. It brims with details in lines and shadows from head to tail and may even look 3D if the viewer appreciates it from afar.

Another equally astonishing of display of Be's level of intricacy can be found in his two dragon pattern, most likely inspired by Chinese arts and culture. The first one is again symmetrical and plays with the light and the dark, while the second one creates a much interesting imagery with traces of both abstract art and mosaic.

The eye-catching factor is definitely present in Ben Wills' pieces, especially when aimed at viewers fascinated with this kind of artistic technique.

To see more of his art, visit his portfolio.


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