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Rose Clouds by Andra Mavropol

A Parallel Planets piece by Parallel Planets
"I like to think of my works as an extension of my philosophical ideas into the realm of art. Mostly because photography is just as speculative as philosophy: offering a perspective, it does not a stand for a witness of something.

In my photographs, I mostly enjoy exploring the apparently endless possibilities of the medium used in a specific context. For example, the so-called analogue medium is a product of the post-industrial era. Thus, using just film cameras, I am into investigating not only the minimalism of black and white, but the margins of old industrial buildings. What is left of the post-industrial era cannot be limited to a place or a building. It holds a certain feeling of desolation."

About the Photographer: Andra Mavropol is a film photographer based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. To her, photography contributes to the symbolic death of an object, reducing it to a silent signification and an inescapable stillness. You may see more of her works on her Tumblr page.

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