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Interconnecting Light

A Parallel Planets piece by Mayee Gonzales

A series of haikus accompanied by film photographs, Interconnecting Light talks about memories of mornings and goodbyes. Together with a fascination for overexposed and underexposed images, the five haikus in this series aim to be nostalgic and vivid at the same time. It's a way of expressing what's subdued but present, an excuse to talk about what's hidden but apparent.

Written in a sitting and photographed in various occasions, we present Interconnecting Light as a part of Parallel Planet's February Flickers theme. See it below.

* * *

Here is the first light
That will blind you like sunrise
As if it’s your own

Ah, without warning
It touches your face, seeping
Keen on your deep eyes

Bizarre just like you
I begin to memorize
As if it’s my own

Do you remember?
When we woke up yesterday
The curtain’s open

We are familiar
Of the corners we are in
Except it is new

We are familiar
Of dusks and dawns together
Except we’re away

It was imminent
To fall in cushion-like blades
Naked from warning

The day was unlike
Another calendar flip
Maybe it was spring

It was imminent
To fall in spear-like pillows
Naked and wanting

An old carnival
Insecure like a whirlwind
Confused but amused

Late dinners, cheap beer
Rooftops, storms, and neon lights
Like a brilliant blur

But there was no pain
Just another shrill desire
Not wanting to go

The evening’s darkness
And specks of incandescent
It prompts of comfort

Akin to instants
When we would bypass alleys
And find a safe glow

Akin to instants
When we would search for a place
Not wanting to go


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