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Cahill Wessel: Daydreams Turned Nightmares

A Parallel Planets piece by theisolationcabin
Cahill Wessel’s art bounces off a feeling that things have gone wrong. It’s unsettling and shocking, made up of things and ideas that make people insecure and uncomfortable.

Found on his website, his Gallery One features pizza on a shoe, elephants having a cupcake party and Justin Bieber as Jesus with a backdrop in hell (Baby, baby… NO). Colors and imagery so arresting it can elicit WTFs. These are images not all people may understand, let alone accept. But if the untrained eye survives the blow and looks beyond, the portraits of Miley Cyrus, Bill Murray and Whoopi Goldberg may slowly make sense. (Kind of.)

Then there’s Gallery Two, a showcase of sexually charged sketches bathed in black and white. There are dolphins coming out of bananas (again, WTF), boobs in Wolverine fashion, naked women with spread-out legs and other equally disturbing concepts. Art that can give the unprepared viewer nightmares enough to last for a month.

Nightmares… Maybe that is what Cahill’s artistic intention is; after all, he says it so in his self-intro: “I'm busy drawing pictures of this crazy world we live in.” He might have used ‘crazy’ nonchalantly in that sentence, but his art shows that he takes it to heart.

Then again, maybe not. Maybe he is simply showing how he understands the world, like every other artist out there. And this is most natural, people sharing what they make out of their understanding of the world, people asking questions. This is why art is created, to give meaning, if not truths, and find them as well.

One thing’s for sure, though. Cahill Wessel aims to provoke with his art, and that he does. Whether to his viewer’s daydream or nightmare, he leaves it up to them.


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