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When I'm Gone by Claudia Sajeva

A Parallel Planets piece by Parallel Planets

"When I'm gone I always think about what I have left and what I'm going up against. When I'm gone I always want the window seat, I have to look at the place that I'm going through, it keeps me company when I'm alone and help me find my space when I'm not. Sometimes it is easier to look out for not feeling alone. When I travel I like to see how a landscape changes, the way it changes from the countryside to the city and vice versa. During the day a landscape is easily recognizable, but at night, when you're on the road, away from a town, it's hard to find something distinctive that help you to recognize the place where you are. So you realize that you are crossing a non-place, a place whose only characteristic is to not have a true identity, No matter where these photographs were taken, knowing the coordinates would not add anything, it could be any place. When I am in a non-place I try to find fixed points to not feel lost. If I see something far I follow it with my eyes until it comes out of my sight. When I'm gone I'm always feel in a non-place. But when I'm away and I am in a non-place do I became an anonymous individual as all the others who are crossing that non-place with me?"

About the Photographer: Born and raised in Palermo, Claudia Sajeva is a student of architecture with a strong passion for the visual arts. She mainly deals with analogue photography and, recently, with film-making as well.

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