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Sahara Borja: Incidental Sentiments

A Parallel Planets piece by Mayee Gonzales
For someone who’s obsessive compulsive, Sahara Borja’s website is one gorgeous mess. Scattered stories, tiny texts, and a disarrangement of photos will make you want to drag and organize them in the tidiest way possible – but after quite a while you’ll tend to let it go merely because the tales are lovely and the photographs are great.

Not safe for work images greet you upon entering her domain, then narratives about people and Sahara’s identity come after. Sahara’s work isn’t about the elegance of what she has seen and captured, but about her experience and how she can share it to her audience.

Born in Canada, Sahara has leaped in Colombia, San Francisco and now in New York City. Aside from being a photographer, she is also a contributing writer to publications like Dossier Journal, Line A, Paper Journal and Feature Shoot. Being here and there, doing this and that, Sahara manages to connect easily to the people she meets and magnets in.

“The Artists,” a set of images that documents her experience as a teacher in 2011 tells how Sahara has taught and learned from the people she has encountered. Each photograph includes a story of how Sahara sees people and how it has touched her for a time. It’s a lovely vision and it makes her photographs all the more valuable. “Here are The Artists, rendered how the machine has rendered them, and myself, rendered anew” she closes.

Personal collections and interesting collaborations also take highlight in her sea of work. “Acabou Chorare” gathers Sahara’s photographs “that attempts to see myself as one entity, not this disparate vessel composed of “me” and my body.” Mannequins, mirrors, flowers, and body parts make this collection a sight to see – mind-boggling and massively alluring.

Sahara’s photographs aren't about capturing moments at its best lighting or perfect timing. It’s about photographing something with meaning and adding thought to an already lovely tale. Sometimes aggressive, sometimes sweet, Sahara’s work is a journal of incidents at its most fascinating point of view.

See more of Sahara Borja’s work at her website and Instagram page.


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