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Daylight Dweller: A Few Torn Pages

A Parallel Planets piece by Banawe Corvera
The best time to reflect about "beginnings" in the context of creative deliverance should have been right before the year ended, or just a day into the new year. I failed miserably, as I found myself always missing the beat. And so I pieced together this entry throughout the days - patches of memories, bittersweet recollections and visual feasts fueling the creation of this tribute for Photo Diaries, my online identity.

It was after a traditional photography elective in 2007 that I made the conscious effort to pursue (film) photography. When I finally began my post-college photographic journey with Nin (my first DSLR), the visual discoveries became a way of life. With the right mix of timid but courageous steps, a kindred spirit turned lover in a blossoming romance, the love for/from family and unbridled curiosity, Photo Diaries lived on.

Years later, December 2014 offered an early fresh start. I moved back home, left Cebu without a camera, changed careers (for the time being) and went back to mobile photography. All that said in one sentence, but altogether life-changing in every possible way.

As the Daylight Dweller on duty for Parallel Planets, I'm paying homage to how Photo Diaries began. I couldn't commit to a 365-day Photo Challenge back when I started shooting so I made my own version of visual storytelling through word prompts. 

The gallery below features my #mobilephotography / #VSCOcam series turned mixed media photo journal exclusive for January's theme. The use of a mobile camera for the shoot represents the beginnings of my then self, eager to learn the ways of the craft; the magazine cutout style of weaving together words (within a previous context) to create new meanings represent the now, and a future of new discoveries in the world of art.

Romancing photography wasn't love at first sight, nor a eureka moment sparking a one-hit revolution. It was a slow burning fire - sometimes growing in intensity, sometimes bowing down to the winds of change - determined to outlive one's physical form. That when the soul is one with everything and beyond the confines of the universe, these photographic imprints may live on.

Here's to endless possibilities in visual storytelling!


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