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Tamara Jullien: In the Rabbit Hole

A Parallel Planets piece by Mayee Gonzales
Rabbit holes weren't made to kept hidden. They were dug and formed to give passage not only to tiny creatures but to rays of beaming lights. Like an alley that’s deep and complex, obscure but pleasing to the eyes, Tamara Jullien’s photographs are rabbit holes waiting to be found.

Life at its simplest form, as captured in beautiful black & white photography, is Tamara's inviting and mysterious work – like a party host that’s roguish but all the while full of good intentions, Tamara knows how to tempt her audience without crossing the line. Coming from France, this young lady shoots on film hence the clever presence of grain and blur.

Tamara’s portfolio mostly consists of streetscapes, portraits, and travel. But it’s not the usual scenes she captures but the details that complete the picture. Her photographs, free of manipulation and lighting effects, tend to make you think of stories unknown as you dwell into monochromatic splendor. Take for example her series entitled Railways of Life that documents a train line between Nuwara Eliya and Ella in Sri Lanka – simple but all the while unfolds a story soon to be told.

What’s more amusing about her photographs is the striking play on light and contrast. Tamara knows how to capture lighting at the spot where it hits most beautifully. Either dark and abandoned, bright and occupied, the presence of light is an important element to the images Tamara creates. Shadows caught spontaneously, with the occasional presence of a breathing subject, also adds interest to her what seems like candid compositions.

At present, Tamara’s photographs are traces of light waiting to be discovered – they are yet to be seen and understood as they stay gleaming above the rabbit hole. It’s murky yet fresh; it’s easy yet demands attention.

More of Tamara Jullien’s work can be found at her website, her Twitter, and Facebook account.


  1. Thank you so much! Very happy you decided to feature my photos and nice to read this lovely text.

  2. Hi, Tam! Thank you too! Your work's amazing! :)


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