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Different Dimensions: A Call from the Past

A Parallel Planets piece by Olesya Parfenyuk
“A call from the past
is heard of by windowsill
quietly I bend forward to see
the utterly different world.
A pitch black door opens,
when a little soul comes in
from the old forest,
gently tangling around my feet,
and unfolding all bygone days.”

- An excerpt from the poem written by Fatoş Ademoğlu.

I often feel related to the past, especially from the Middle Ages to the Long 19th Century and with my photography, I mainly want to create an atmosphere of past for those, who sometimes feel like they were born in the wrong era too.

2014 I’ve been going a long path as an artist. Experimenting with various directions in photography, searching and thinking about my calling, but now, at the end of this year, I can admit that I more or less settled down, although it is just the beginning of my journey.

Art has always been a part of me. As a child I attended a drawing school and was obsessed with creating beaded jewelry. I enjoyed to express myself in a creative way, it allowed me to experience a real flow. With 12 years, when suddenly my interest for photography was awoken, I started using it with an intention of making memories, capturing moments. Today I’m 17 years old and photography enables me to let my mind come alive in a visual way, to make the world inside my head visible for the others. I easily lose the track of time passing when doing what I love and I can instantly transport myself, through inner experience, kind of into a different dimension.

My little Wunderkammer, a growing collection of antiques & oddities, inspires me a lot as well as it lets me time travel. I’ve been affected a lot by the 19th-century photograph styles, such as carte-de-visite / cabinet cards and tintypes, lately, therefore I created a photo series and my first ever prints in a style that takes you at least 100 years back.

2014 was for me, as an artist, definitely a prosperous year!


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