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November Nocturne: Dead Flowers by Jenson Tan

A Parallel Planets piece by Parallel Planets

Parallel Planets presents
November Nocturne: Dead Flowers
Artworks by Jenson Tan

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Dead flowers. The eyes of the flower. The twig. The stigma, anthers, petals, branches. It’s all falling apart. Dead flowers. I see you looking the same as the other flowers. I wish the dead flowers came alive to attract attention, like the live flowers attracting the bees and the butterflies, but I want more. I want to attract everything, everyone, everywhere. Greedy? Heh.

The dead flowers series started as a whimsical series for me to express my ideas of flowers in an abstract motif. It soon escalated slowly into my own stylistic way of drawing and as I explored further it became my signature. I work digitally over a motif. This dead flowers series started off as black ink drawings and it shall continue as black ink drawings. Hopefully the motifs would soon find a place and a home either as fabric or as artworks on a wall.

About the Artist: Jenson Gabriel Tan, or jenriel for short, is a designer that has done numerous smaller projects. He continues to find influences from subjects such as occultism, mysticism, sex, religion, and fantasy. Recently, he has developed a foray for art and had taken a short course of study on drawing in the expanded field at the Slade School of Fine Art. Apart from his regular day job as an art fair intern, he continues to further his craft in drawing and design with projects. Apart from drawing, jenriel focuses on text based works and digital imaging. Calligraphy has been a strong point in his work and it continues to be.

More from Jenson Tan: Behance, Instagram

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