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November Nocturne: Reluctance in Impartial Impressions

A Parallel Planets piece by Dylan

Parallel Planets presents November Nocturne
Reluctance in Impartial Impressions
Film Photography by Dylan Barnes

* * *

"When we are broken and attempting to rebuild the parts of ourselves that we used to be familiar with, we are prone to protect ourselves from what is unknown in order to successfully rebuild our emotional and mental state. 

We should not cast negative judgment on a kind stranger based upon our previous experiences with someone else we thought we knew so well.  As we heal, we become more confident and reclaim our ability to feel safe again.  When we find light again, we are reluctant to indulge, for that light may be just a flickering of hope; but we must let ourselves trust another.

After being stranded in the dark, we become content with our own solace.  When we leave what is comfortable, we are hesitant to leave what has become commonplace even if where we are going appears to reveal greater promise.

Sometimes, what we see in the light is not what it appears, because within the light are still shadows that remind us of the darkest places we’ve been."

* * *

Editor's Note: Impartial Impressions is a film photography series exclusive for Parallel Planets by Dylan Barnes. This feature is also a part of our "black" theme, November Nocturne. To share your work on Parallel Planets, click here to know what we're currently looking for.

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