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November Nocturne: The Untitled by Danny van Ryswyk

A Parallel Planets piece by Parallel Planets

Parallel Planets presents November Nocturne
The Untitled
Artwork by Danny van Ryswyk

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"I am a digital painter & sculptor who creates surreal dark artworks with the aid of 3D-software. My work is a fuse of dream imaginary with a distinctly paranormal bent. I sculpt my objects with 3D software specialised in high poly sculpting.

As an artist, it allows me to work with objects as if they where made of clay and sculpt them in utmost detail. This gives me unlimited freedom to create whatever I have in mind. My work is a marriage between the newest technology and century-old sculpting and painting methods.

The Untitled || Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta paper.

The Untitled Figurine || Acrylic Paint on Polyamide 3D Printed Sculpture w/ Antique Glass Dome.

Once I visualise an idea, the real work begins. I never make a sketch so nothing is written in stone at this stage. I make a mental projection of the idea and work from there. All ideas are influences of my interest and fascination for the supernatural.

Creating is all about surprising yourself. There is always the inevitable trial and error stage. I can spend weeks, even months working in 3D-software on a sculpture that often contains many layers and parts. From there I can go two directions, namely: creating a digital painting, or create a 3D-printed sculpture from my model.

When I choose to make a digital painting I import my 3D-model into rendering software where I apply textures, lights & camera. I create a complex scene with backgrounds and atmospheres. This will be rendered into a 2D image and then the work gets further refined with digital paint. The final results will be printed using pigment inks on museum quality cotton paper, and framed."

More from Danny van Ryswyk: Website, Facebook

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