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November Nocturne: Another Day Like This by Allison White

A Parallel Planets piece by Parallel Planets

Parallel Planets presents November Nocturne
Another Day Like This
Film Photography by Allison White
Modeled by Erica Jay

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"Nearly almost all of my photography is unplanned. It unfolds in the moment, often on what I like to call “photo excursions”. This series of photographs is from a walk through Wissashickon Park, in Philadelphia, USA.

I am attracted most to shadows when looking through the lens. I enjoy the contrasts, and this roll of film in particular was perhaps the highest key light I’ve ever encountered with human subjects. Through light, I try to find an interesting way to tell a story. Capturing movement in a subtle way is my goal, and also my biggest challenge."

Allison White on 'Another Day Like This'

About Allison White: A native of South Western Ontario, Allison has been living and working in Vancouver for the past five years. She works as a curator in a history museum, spending her day writing about artifacts and creating exhibitions. She also writes a column in a local newspaper from the standpoint of the collection. When not working a 9-5, she spends her time writing in the abstract, and taking photographs with her 35mm Pentax. Chasing high key light wherever she can find it, in architecture and in human subjects.

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