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Memento Mori by Samantha Ann Francis

A Parallel Planets piece by Parallel Planets

Parallel Planets presents
November Nocturne: Memento Mori
Film Photography by Samantha Ann Francis

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"Memento Mori, or Remember You Shall Die, is a photo series exploring the idea of mortality through the impermanence of beauty. Flowers wilt as our bodies sag, leaves fall onto our old bones. Only photography attempts to steal away these moments, freezing beauty forever even as we die, one frame at a time.

We leave the question to our audience; is there any point in trying so hard to preserve beauty and sometimes prolonging life at certain expenses?" — Samantha Ann Francis on Memento Mori

Memento Mori was exhibited as part of an art installation at the Noise Singapore Festival Village between 27 August and 14 September 2014 at Ion Orchard, Singapore. Live flowers were left in drawers and left to decay as the exhibition went on, slowly melting and decomposing on top of the physical prints of the photos.

About the Photographer: Samantha believes that the simple, organic, and sometimes experimental nature of analogue-style photography still has a place in today’s world. As a freelance photographer, she is equally adept with shooting digitally, and especially loves intimate portraits and wedding photography. She believes each tiny moment is a story in the making; a glance, a touch, a smile.

More from Samantha Ann Francis: Website, Facebook

Modeled by: Lulu Tracy

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