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November Nocturne: The Valley They Call Death by Graziella Ines

A Parallel Planets piece by Parallel Planets

Parallel Planets presents November Nocturne
The Valley They Call Death
Film Photography by Graziella Ines

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"Black is sometimes associated to death. And in this place, death seem close. A very likely possibility. A place so hot and dry that in one area, salt formed textures with the earth  and now they call that Devil's Playground.

A place which at times felt eerie and desolate. Death's breath can be felt in the air.

But there is a strange beauty to the place that enchants. A reason that those seeking for unlikely landscapes keep coming back to this place. Or maybe they just want to feel a bit of how death feels."

Graziella Ines on 'The Valley They Call Death'

About the Photographer: Graziella is a photographer based in Southern California. She aims to capture details of the fleeting moments in the streets and spaces where she roams. She is also inspired by the open spaces and landscapes of the American West. There are days when she is making photographs in the busy streets of Los Angeles' fashion district and then capturing landscapes and seascapes the next.

More from Graziella Ines: Website, Facebook, Lomography

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